A History of Giving

Sartain Lanier was an accomplished businessman, an active community leader, and a generous but unassuming philanthropist. [Learn more]

Focus on Education

The Foundation is focused on organizations which have broad, systemic impact with the aim of enhancing available options for K-12 education in the metro Atlanta area. [Learn more]

Funding Priorities

Grant applications will be accepted through an invitation only process, and new grants are limited to organizations in the metro Atlanta area. [Learn more]

Distinguished Business and Community Leader

Sartain Lanier was a distinguished business leader who also made significant contributions to many organizations in his community, particularly in the area of education. He was co-founder of Atlanta-based Oxford Industries, as well as Lanier Business Products. Since 1963 The Sartain Lanier Family Foundation has carried out the charitable interests of Sartain Lanier and his family. The Foundation seeks to use the assets he bequeathed for the community he valued, with the intelligence, effectiveness and values he embodied.

Much of Sartain Lanier’s success came from hard work. Even more came from his character and personality. He was open and friendly, considerate and sincere. He told the truth, never tried to cut corners, and embodied the highest ethical standards.

He extended himself to understand the issues, to assess the legal and moral forces at work, to find workable solutions to apparently insolvable problems.

From the Resolution by the Board of Trust of Vanderbilt University in Memory of Sartain Lanier 1909-1994

Sartain Lanier

Grants Target Education

In 2011 the Board of Trustees approved a strategic plan developed after careful deliberation to guide the Foundation’s grantmaking.

  • Grant applications are accepted through an invitation only process.
  • The majority of new grantmaking will be in the area of Education, which has traditionally been primary to the Foundation’s mission.
  • In the areas of Health and Human Services, Arts, Environment and Community Development, special consideration will be given to institutions that were supported by Mr. Lanier during his lifetime and that his family has supported since his death.
  • New grants are limited to organizations in the metro Atlanta area. The few grants given each year outside Atlanta are based on commitments to organizations with which the Foundation has a lengthy history.