Funding Priorities

Grant applications are accepted through an invitation only process. The majority of new grantmaking will be in the area of Education, which has traditionally been primary to the Foundation’s mission. Specifically the Foundation will focus on educational organizations which have broad, systemic impact with the aim of enhancing available options for K-12 education in the metro Atlanta area. The Foundation will not be establishing new relationships with private schools at this time, but may continue to make grants to private schools which have received grants from the Foundation in the past.In the areas of Health and Human Services, Arts, Environment and Community Development, special consideration will continue to be given to institutions that were supported by Mr. Lanier during his lifetime and that his family has supported since his death.

New grants will be limited to organizations in the metro Atlanta area. The few grants given each year outside Atlanta are based on commitments to organizations with which the Foundation has a lengthy history.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Foundation’s resources, the Foundation prefers to provide significant support on a project specific basis to a small number of organizations rather than give more limited operating support to a large number of applicants. Thus, requests for major capital projects, capital campaigns or specific programs (particularly when the programs have broad-based support from other sources) will be given priority over those for an annual campaign, or administrative or operating support. Organizations that show a broad base of financial support from their own governing body and membership as well as from other sources in the community are also given priority.

The Foundation does not make grants to individuals, or to churches or religious organizations for projects that primarily benefit their own members. The Foundation does not make grants for partisan political purposes, for tickets to charitable events or dinners, or to sponsor special events or fundraisers.

Because of limited resources and the Foundation’s preference for making larger grants to a fewer number of applicants, the Foundation regrets that many worthwhile programs will not be funded.

If you have any questions regarding the funding priorities, please contact:
Ms. Patricia E. (“Pat”) Lummus
Executive Director
(404) 564-1259